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What am I looking at?

This is a lagering cellar which was completed in 1861. Cellars like this were designed and built by German immigrants at a time before mechanical refrigeration in order to create lager beer, whose yeast strain needed to ferment in cool temperatures. Cincinnati, who’s large German population once made it the brewing capitol of North America, is undergoing a renaissance and trying to recapture it’s brewing history. Several breweries and brew pubs are already in operation and more on the way. Samuel Adams has its largest of 3 breweries only a few blocks from this location to name just one.

The space

The cellars are beneath a 21 unit apartment building of the same age. The grade level store is approximately 1600 sq ft and has a solid reinforced concrete floor with a number of large floor drains. Designed to be hosed down, this level would make the ideal brewery space. Following a staircase down you come to the upper cellar which is approximately 1200 sq ft and would make a good support space for the brewery or restaurant use. The upper cellar has only an 11′ height and does not keep as cool as the lower space. Beneath that is the lower cellar with an 18′ ceiling height to top of arch. It is huge and cavernous being 20′ wide and 125′ long. It remains at 58.6 degrees at all times whether its 0 or 100 degrees outside. This lower cellar has a slab stone floor and can be used to lager beer, age wine or cheese, have a club or any other use where it’s natural and historic properties can be most fully appreciated.

The deal

If you have gotten to this point it means that you or someone you know may have an interest in using this historic and unique space. I have an interest in seeing this space come back to life. I would like to rent all or part of the space or alternatively, J.V. with an operator who has a vision. Because of the condition of the space and the investment that will likely be involved, I am offering the space long term at low rent or free if we are doing a J.V. Yes this property may be far from home but where else will you find this opportunity? Personally, I live in NYC but I fell in love with the architecture, positive vibe and good real estate deals Cincinnati had to offer and I overcame my reluctance. I now own several properties downtown and have seen firsthand the revitalization taking place all around. Please think about the unique branding opportunity this historic space represents for your business, and drop me a line. You will find my email address on the contact page and I encourage you to reach out to me with your questions, comment and ideas.

www.otrbrewerydistrict.org – Cincinnati brewery district

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